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Chris was spotted at KOI Nightclub last night with French Montana. Chris was decked out in a dope BAPE, blue jeans, and some Nike kicks. Check out the photos in the gallery.

Chris was spotted last night, leaving 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood.

New friends? Recently Chris and Scott have been spotted leaving a few nightclubs together. Reports say that they are helping each other stay sober while having a good time. It’s good to see two of “America’s Most Hated” helping each other stay strong and finding common ground in different types of people, if that is the case. Maybe they have been friends, we all know the Jenner girls used to hang around Chris quite a bit. Anyways check out the pictures in the gallery by clicking below.

Also have you heard Chris’ remix for Who’s Gonna (Nobody) feat Keith Sweat?

Last night (January 01), Chris Brown performed at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, as part of his Las Vegas residency run. Chris performed hits from his whole career to include songs from his latest album, Royalty. Check out photos and video below.

New Year's residency show at @draislv in Las Vegas #chrisBrown #TeamBreezy {🎥@kaysi02}

A video posted by Chris Brown (@breezethruit4me) on

New Year's residency show at @draislv in Las Vegas #chrisBrown #TeamBreezy {🎥@kaysi02}

A video posted by Chris Brown (@breezethruit4me) on

Three weeks ago, Chris Brown didn’t exactly f**k with VIBE. In December 2009, the magazine and the then-troubled singer were both staged for their respective comebacks, but the joint return of music’s prodigal son and hip-hop’s prodigal publication was not one of glory. Unwillingly forced to don the inquiry “R U STILL DOWN?” on his black t-shirt, and forcibly pinned against his split cover with Drake, who was adversely labeled “Unstoppable,” Brown felt betrayed. One month after its release, the singer expressed his displeasure with the lead image and story, claiming that its concept was not the one agreed upon. “I appreciate any cover,” he said then. “I just don’t appreciate them using my situation.” It was the last time the two collaborated–until today.

Six years later, a blue moon of sorts emerges onto the horizon, as a host of happenings occur that no one truly anticipated. Dry, warm Hollywood, California is unseasonably rainy and chilly, and Brown is early for his 8 p.m. call time, milling about the hardwood of a non-descript studio, sifting through a rack of clothing and accessories for another VIBE cover shoot. Clad in distressed jeans, a plain white t-shirt, orange Tampa Bay Buccaneers throwback Starter jacket and a pair of highly sought-after white Supreme Jordans, the music phenom is calm and collected, and his shoulder is outwardly void of chips. No longer a defenseless young’n’, the singer/dancer turned multi-art hyphenate is in command and ready to make amends on his own terms.

“In the past, I don’t think I was able to capitalize fully off of the exposure that was given to me by VIBE,” he says matter-of-factly. “And I don’t think the direction focused on the road to redemption; it was more so on the controversy and the bulls**t that was going on in my life. Along with VIBE and other various different people and other things, I just separated myself from a lot of negative things, or things that I feel that I couldn’t be protected under.”

Now, at 26 years old with an impressive ten-year career under his belt, Brown is in the position to protect himself–literally. Propping open a jewelry box filled with his own diamond-encrusted pieces, including a wildly oversized championship-style “OHB” pinky ring (which stands for One Hunnid Billion, Outta Here Bitch and various other creative concoctions), an iced-out Allen Iverson logo pendant and a host of other blinding chains and bracelets, Brown incredulously answers an inquiry on the whereabouts of a lock for the case that houses such prized possessions. “A lock? For what? I can fight,” he says, flashing his 1000-watt grin. This is the essence of today’s Brown: confident, comfortable and unapologetically open to life’s lessons. And in order to grasp this updated version of everybody’s favorite crooner to hate, one must forget what they think they know. Dispose of the headlines. Dump the assumptions. Discard the labels. Seeing the sum of Chris Brown’s parts on this Thursday night requires the art of letting go. With pretenses set aside, an objective fly on the wall would be admittedly impressed watching Breezy in his milieu as a professional. In a room manned by a stylist, publicist, photographer and editor-in-chief, he is choosing his own clothes, setting up his own shots and peering at proofs. He’s also holding a rather informed conversation about celebrities’ impact on fashion over the years. And in between setting the stage for the task at hand, Chris is also discussing upcoming designs for Black Pyramid, his own line.

But he doesn’t characterize any of this as exerting creative control. “I think creative control is kind of like the total opposite from me. It’s just freedom,” he says, marking the first of 20 times he would refer to being free. “A lot of my doubts–or a lot of the doubts that are put upon us as people or individuals–I don’t funnel that to make my life move. The way I look at it is, I’m fearless.”

In his latest photoshoot, Chris Brown shows off his modeling skills, as he wears one of his favorite labels, BAPE. If you are unfamiliar with his relationship with BAPE, he has been supporting them, and vice versa, for years! He recently instagrammed a couple custom pieces they made for his daughter, Royalty. Check out the shoot below.

Chris took the stage for Terrance and Taraji’s White Hot Holidays. He performed “Back To Sleep” and “This Christmas“. He had special guest Tank. Check it out below.

First off, Congrats to Chris on his Grammy Nomination, for his appearance on Nicki Minaj’s “Only“. To celebrate the nomination, Chris continued his Royalty Promotion, by hitting the stage at the Jimmy Kimmel Show. They performed Rick Ross’ “Sorry” and Chris’ latest single, “Back To Sleep“. Check out photos and the performance below.

Chris was spotted shooting a video with Cal Scruby, for Cal’s single, “Aint Shit Change”. The song was released a couple months ago, and appeared on Cal’s EP #HouseInTheHills. Check out photos of them on set in the gallery.

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