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Welcome To My Life

This documentary covers so much! From his rise to fame, the Rihanna incident, court case, rehab, Karrueche, and finding out about Royalty. It was such a refreshing glimpse into the life of “Chris Brown“. In this documentary, we see a side of Chris, that the world rarely gets to experience. You see a loving individual, who is aware of his mistakes, and has accepted his responsibility for his past.

Chris Brown Appears In Court

Chris Brown is gonna be real busy until 2015 … less with music, more with court ordered work. Chris appeared in court Thursday for a progress report in the Rihanna beating case and his community labor was upped to 4 days a week — so he can complete his remaining hours by January. Typically, community […]

Chris Brown’s type of seizure not uncommon, doctors say

The type of seizure suffered by singer Chris Brown isn’t uncommon and usually causes no long-term problems, doctors say. Publicist Nicole Perna says the 24-year-old Look At Me Now singer suffered a non-epileptic seizure early Friday morning while he was working in a Los Angeles studio. Perna blamed the seizure on intense fatigue and extreme […]

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